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We offer Electrical Incinerator such as general waste incinerators. Our range is acknowledged all over by our customers for quality features like durability, corrosion resistance and high performance.
General Waste Incinerator
General Waste Incinerator
We are considered as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of General/Medical Waste, which is largely known for its robust structure, reliable functionality and easy to use features. The offered range is fabricated using the best quality raw material to meet the international quality standards and to ensure their longer service life and efficient performance. Our clients can avail these at reasonable prices.

Thermtech Incinerator is package type, all weather type and mounted on base frame for easy transportation. Incineration is batch type and waste feeding is manual. The incinerator has two chambers, i.e., primary chamber and secondary chamber. The primary as well as secondary chambers are provided with pressure jet burners for incineration of bio-medical waste.
General waste burner is provided only in primary chamber and primary chamber is provided with air pressure nozzles.

Cyclone separator is provided and mounted on the base frame of the incinerator to ensure that no ash particles are let out of the exhaust. The quality of incineration achieved is excellent. A dust-proof pre-wired control panel housing all safety features, temperature controllers for primary chamber, secondary chamber and flue gas temperatures are provided. It also incorporates contractors, overload relays and MCBs for electricity. An alarm hooter is provided with audio visual alarms for abnormal working conditions.

In case of any defect in the process, the incinerator comes to a standstill and the fault is indicated on the control panel. Suitable protection for burner is provided and forced draft fan is mounted on the base frame of the incinerator to provide combustion air for incineration of waste. Waste charging door and ash removal door is provided on the incinerator itself. The incinerator is refractory lined and does not require civil works at site even the forced draft fan and the incineration chambers need no civil works as these are mounted on a base frame.


For general waste like:

Paper Timber Refusing textures
Leather Rice grass Non-eatable foods
Synthetic resin Rubber Tyre
Oil socked cotton/cloth waste - -

For medical waste like:

Animal waste: Animal tissues, organs, body parts, carcasses, bleeding parts, fluid, blood and experimental animals used in research, waste generated by veterinary hospitals, colleges, discharge from hospitals/animal houses Discarded medicines and cytological drugs (waste comprising of outdated, contaminated and discarded medicines).

Solid waste: Items contaminated with blood and body fluids including cotton, dressings, solid plaster casts, lines, bleeding and other material contaminated with blood.

Electrical Incinerator are used to solve the problem of hazardous toxic waste generated in hospital waste, chemical process waste, pesticides, Insecticides, dyes and bulk intermediate included waste water & waste.  
Waste Incinerator
Waste Incinerator
We offer waste incinerator, which help in protecting the environment from hazardous wastes. These are installed and designed as per the clients requirement.
Some of the features of our product are:

  • Complete combustion and smoke free & very low emissions of carbon monoxide
  • Dual chamber design, which help to minimize emission of particulate matter and to provide sufficient oxygen, turbulence, high temperature and residence time in secondary chamber for complete combustion
  • Simple & effective pollution control : Quenching and scrubbing in one unit, no plugging ,compliance with strict air emission standards
  • Venture scrubber to quench the hot flue gas and to remove particulate matter and acid gases. Our product is a simple system without clogging or plugging potential and designed for the removal of liquid droplets in the outlet gas
Versatility: Auto allows incineration of all type of waste at maximum capacity and minimum use of auxiliary fuel
Automation: A simple control system based on first principles of combustion has been designed and tested which prevents 'black smoke' generation
Energy recovery: Optional hot water generation with the help of a condensing heat exchanger, which is used to recover energy in the form of hot water
Cost effective:  Simple design operation and maintenance
Fine polishing emission control (Optional) : Helpful in meeting standard for particulate matter and acid gases and also trace organic compounds and other pollutants. This is incorporated with activated carbon and HEPA filters
Our products range include:
  • Bio medical waste incineration system, ranging from 20kg./hr.t to 500 kg./hr.& above
  • Industrial waste incineration system, ranging from 20kg./hr. to 1000 kg./hr. & above
Solid Waste Incinerator
Solid Waste Incinerator are available for various types of waste like municipal solid waste/hotel waste/marine waste/residential complex waste/industrial waste/hospital waste/animal house waste/slaughter waste as per customer need.  
Solid Waste Incinerator
  • Total waste-1500 kg/hr
  • Organic free high
  • TDS Water 2000-2500 Ltrs/Hr
Fully Automated Plant/Scada Operated:

System Mainly Consists of: Drum waste incinerator, solid waste, PCC, SCC, Evaporation type cooler, Cyclone, Venturi Scrubber, Packed Bed Scrubber, Mist Separator, ID fan and Chimney.
Liquid Waste Incinerator
Liquid Waste Incinerator
  We manufacture Liquid Waste Incinerator used in purifying liquid waste from any industry like pharmaceutical, chemicals, petrochemicals, hospitals, slaughter residential houses, laboratories, municipals. Liquid waste incinerator with special type of liquid atomization lances and fully PLC SCADA operated.


  • Range: 100 Kg/HR to 5000 Kg/HR
  • Fuel: Oil/Gas/LDO/HSD/FO etc
Animal Waste Incinerator

Animal waste incinerator are all designed with solid refractory to suit both animal carcass and offal applications. Robust construction and high quality refractory ensure long and reliable product life. The highly efficient incineration units for the disposal of poultry, pigs, sheep and larger pet animals. They are robust, constructed using high quality materials and are available in a range of capacities and burn rates to suit every disposal problem. It is ideal for pet memorial services, animal hospitals and clinics, humane societies, veterinarians, animal growers, animal control and animal shelters.  
Animal Waste Incinerator
Hospital Waste Incinerator

Hospital Waste Incinerator
  Avail from us a premium range of Incinerator Systems for Hospital Waste. We have solid & liquid waste incinerators with varied designs like oil fired, gas fired and electrically operated.

These are ideal for discarding bio-wastes like:

  • Soiled or blood-soaked bandages
  • Surgical gloves after surgery
  • IV sets
  • Urine Bags
  • Aprons
  • Injections
  • Syringes
  • Needles
  • Culture dishes and other glassware
  • Discarded surgical instruments scalpels, sharps and needles used to give shots or draw blood, cultures, stocks, little blades, swabs used to inoculate cultures
  • Removed body organs like tonsils, appendices, limbs, etc.
Bio-Medical Waste Incinerator

Thermtech Dual Chamber Incinerator consists of Combustion Chamber and Primary Chamber. Thermtech Incinerators fabricated out of Mild Steel and is refractory lined and insulated from inside. This is equipped with loading door, ash removal door and automatic burner operated by temperature indicating controller which is set at 800±50°C.

High pressure air from a blower Post Combustion Chamber/Secondary Chamber. This part is also fabricated out of Mild Steel and refractory lined similar to primary chamber. This is equipped with automatic burner. A temperature controller is provided, which is connected to the control panel. The operating temperature is 1050 ±50°C.

Bio-Medical Waste Incinerator
Electrical Control Panel:

The control panel supplied along with the Incinerator is outdoor type and placed separately. All controls will be housed within this common control panel. The panel is duly powder coated. It houses the primary and secondary burner controls, all the temperature controllers, motors starters, isolator switches, overload relays for burners and fans and audio visual alarms for abnormal workings. All electrical power, earth and control cabling from the control panel to the individual drives and components shall be provided by us. The control panel is pre-wired. However, external wiring is to be carried out at site.
Venturi Scrubber:

The flue gases from the Cyclone separator are then sent to venturi scrubber. Venturi scrubber is a high energy device (fabricated out of stainless steel) where particulate matter as well as acidic pollutants are scrubbed. Here the acidic gases are removed by absorption with caustic and the particulates by the inertial impaction energy.

A high-pressure drop across the venturi scrubber, imparts sufficiently high energy which helps in atomizing the scrubbing liquid and thus trapping the particulates. In venturi, gases saturate due to evaporation of water vapors and thus cools. 5% caustic solution is used as scrubbing liquid to neutralize the S02 present in flue gases.
System features:
Dual-chamber design, starved air operation:
A Conventional approach has been adopted to minimize emission of particulate matter, and to provide sufficient oxygen, turbulence, high temperature and residence time in the secondary chamber for complete combustion.
Venturi Scrubber:
Another well proven approach has been adopted to quench the hot flue gas and to remove particulate matter and acid gases. A simple system without clogging or plugging potential has been designed for removal of liquid droplets in the outlet gas.
Energy Recovery:
A condensing heat exchanger is used to recover energy in the form of hot water.
Fine Polishing Emission Control:
To ensure meeting not only standards for particulate matter and acid gases, but also trace organic compounds and other pollutants, activated carbon and HEPA filters are used. The resulting system is identical to that used in the ARC's research facility, which has proven performance to meet very strict air emission standards.
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